International Container Shipping Agent

Asian Dellker was established as a national freight forwarding approved by the Ministry of Commerce PRC.We have the qualifications of Freight Forwarders and NVOCC.We act as an agent of the major boat company routes,undertake FCL, LCL, bulk cargo and bulky goods and other oceantransport,provide booking,loading and delivery at the port of destination etc services.We have good relationship and cooperation with WANHAI, EVERGREEN, TSL, OOCL, HEUNG-A, YML, PIL, MCC, MAERSK, NYK, HANJIN, EMIRATES, ZIM, APL, CSAV, CMA, COSCO, CSCL, MARUBA, MSC, MOL, K-LINE etc shipping enterprises,hold a strong freight advantage of world's major routes in Southeast Asia, ortheast Asia, Middle East, India, Europe, the Red Sea, Black Sea, Australia, Africa, Central and South America.

Asian Dellker has its own warehouses in ShenZhen (ShaWan, Futian Free Trade Zone, Yantian Logistics Park, ShaTouJiao Free Trade Zone, PingShan New District), GuangZhou, ShanTou, PuNing, Hong Kong, YiWu, Dubai, Singapore,and two constant temperature warehouses for wine storage.

We have plenty of storage space, safe and well-equipped environment,advanced logistics and warehousing information management system and professional warehousing management etc good combination of hardware and software to provide customers with storage,loading,handling,packing,unpacking etc services to meet the needs of customers.

  • Import and Export Customs Declaration, Inspection Agent

    Asian Dellker has a mature and experienced team located in SheKou ShenZhen,Former Bay Bonded Port, YanTian,Yantian Bonded Zone,WenJinDu Port etc main ports in ShenZhen.We can provide customers with import and export customs declaration, inspection,bonded area general trade customs clearance, bonded access to warehouses,fumigation,Certificated of Origin,insurance agents and consulting services to meet the different needs of customers.Over the years,Asian Dellker relies on professional and flexible operation, good customs records and good relationship with customs and commodity inspection authorities,provides customers with a smooth customs clearance, quick clearance of quality services.
  • Import and Export Business Agent

    Asian Dellker carefully nurtured a group of professional import and export business agent staffs who are well versed in international trade business documents,import and export trade and foreign exchange write-off policy,and familiar with the customs clearance and import and export inspection and quarantine operating procedures.We can provide customers with the full set of services, including: import and export declarations, the advanced import duties and value added tax(VAT), export tax rebates,import and export inspection and quarantine procedures agent,single delivery procedures agent,collecting payments,foreign exchange and verification arrangements.In addition,with T / T, D / P, D / A and other ancillary services,we help customers to receive the exchange safely and quickly to solve cash flow problems that may be encountered.
Asian Dellker focuses on the supply chain field,providing customers with procurement execution, distribution, implementation, procurement outsourcing,logistics planning and implementation,supply chain financial settlement,agent import and export, global distribution and other supply chain services.We share resourses with customers,creat value for customers.By Integration of procurement, customs clearance, warehousing, collection, distribution, transportation channels and other resources,we provide customers with four flows (logistics flow, business flow, capital flow, information flow)to be one, break the original node service, update the traditional mode of thinking and ideas to reduce the pressure of client funds, reduce financial risk,and to solve problems in the logistics process, improve efficiency, and ultimately the owner of profit maximization.
  • Purchasing Execution

    Depending on powerful capital strength and rich experience,we are able to offer purchasing services for large-scale manufacturing and retail enterprises, as well as commercial service, import and export, logistics service, account settlement and data information processing service.
    Offer integrated supply chain solution for domestic and overseas clients;
    Control purchase cost and assist clients in making and implementing purchase plan;
    Outsource commercial and logistics services to reduce operating cost and increase operating efficiency;
    Enable clients to focus on R&D, production, brand construction, upstream and downstream management to strengthen core competitiveness.
  • Sales Execution

    Depending on advanced information system and powerful capital strength, we are able to offer sales and distribution services for manufacturing enterprises, as well as including business handling, logistics service, account settlement and data information processing service.
    Expand sales channels and increase operating efficiency;
    Provide one-stop logistics service to meet market demand;
    Reduce occupation of funds and speed up capital turnover.
  • Letter of Credit(L / C)Agent

    Asian Dellker has accumulated a wealth of experience in the letters of credit(LC) and maintain effective communication and good cooperation with a number of banks.With the support of the major banks, according to the actual situation,we can provide customers high-quality, full range of professional services.In the collection of letters of credit(LC), We can provide a good platform for enterprise collection security,exchange and export of goods;on behalf of openning letters of credit(LC), we open letters of credit (including imports of goods on behalf of open L / C) according to customer demand,in the pursuit of the proxy process and to maintain a rapid and effective operation.
  • Supply Chain Financial Services

    Comprehensive services to facilitate order acceptance, raw material purchasing, production and processing, sale, and payment collection. Including:Vendor financing, distributor financing, trade financing, order financing, accounts receivable financing, warehouse receipt pledging, confirming storage financing, movable property pledging, financial leasing, etc.
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  • Cargo Tracking
  • Shipper Tracking

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