Supply Chain Solutions
Asian Dellker has a group of experienced and professional talents who are able to customize comprehensive solutions integrating purchasing, production, distribution, logistics and other links of supply chain, including: strategic supply chain management and consulting, overall logistics plan, supply chain workflow design, purchasing and marketing system planning, logistics network planning, logistics park planning, management information planning, etc.
Integrated logistics solutions
Asian Dellker foothold in South China,extended to the whole country,expanded to the overseas, after 10 years of hard work,can provide customers with the perfect integrated logistics solutions,Including door-to-door services, door to port services, port to port services and so on.
Other Services
Depending on perfect supply chain management platform,Asian Dellker can provide customers with other services,such as enterprise information construction consulting and planning, financial consulting and planning, etc.
Fast Service
  • Cargo Tracking
  • Shipper Tracking

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