The typhoon UTE ravaged the prd. Asian Dellker deal with it calmly


Since recently, the GuangDong region suffered from a disaster of heavy rains and floods affected by typhoon "UTE" in some areas such as ShanTou,PuNing and other places.People`s property and personal safety are being threatened.Our company has many large regional warehouses in GuangDong,so many customers and colleagues are more concerned about: Our business is affected? Goods stored in the warehouse are safe? Employees are safe? First of all,thank you for attention,the warehouses are not affected,the employees are safe and the busniss runs normally.Before the typhoon raging,our company has organized the staff to move the goods to the second floor nightly to ensure the security of goods.All for the interests of customers first,Asian Dellker will continue to provide customers with the best quality service.

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