Asia Europe trade produces a yield of US$1.75 billion in Q3


ASIA-EUROPE trade has produced a revenue of US$1.75 billion in the third quarter and continued to be Europe's most profitable trade, said a brand new information service BoxTradeIntelligence.

The eastbound Asia-Europe box volume reached 1.58 million TEU with a 35 per cent utilisation in the third quarter, while the westbound box volume was 3.82 million TEU with 83 per cent utilisation.

The revenue yielded for eastbound trade was $1.4 billion, and for westbound trade $6.89 billion.

Headhaul cargo volumes from central China to Germany, Italy and theNetherlands rose 30 per cent in the third quarter year on year, while the growth to Britain was 26 per cent with Japanese imports up over 80 per cent year on year. Also, Russia saw a 65 per cent growth from central and south China.

Likewise, backhaul volumes lifted 10 per cent from north Europe to southeast Asia, and 17 per cent from the Mediterranean to China in the third quarter year on year.

Exports from Russia to central and south China grew 15 per cent, while from Germany to north China 16 per cent. Exports from the Netherlands to China fell 20 percent. Exports from Britain to China remained stable as a whole with 7 per cent increase to south China but 6 per cent decrease to north China.

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